About Us

Nice & Naughty offers a large selection of premium lingerie and toys, intimacy products, body care, fetish products, bachelorette party goods, and everything else you need to enjoy, explore, share, and embrace your sexuality, have fun, and feel your sexy best.

In addition to our product offerings, our goal is to promote sexual health, wellness, awareness and education - along with being comfortable with your body and sexual self, and with expressing yourself and asking for what you want (and getting it).

More than just another sex product retailer, Nice & Naughty is a community. We are inclusive to all, and welcome and embrace customers of every preference and lifestyle.

Whether you visit one of our retail locations for a hands-on buying adventure aided by our knowledgeable staff, or prefer the convenience and discretion of an online shopping experience from anywhere, Nice & Naughty has you (un)covered.

Meet Our President


Teagan Frazier
President, Nice & Naughty

Teagan Frazier joined Nice & Naughty in 2015 as a sales associate, after graduating from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and photography. Her passion for the adult industry and commitment to making sexual enjoyment more mainstream, while offering customers an outstanding retail experience, has led to exponential growth for Nice & Naughty, including expanding the company’s retail locations, online presence, and range and selection of product offerings.

Growing up, Teagan was always interested in sexuality and the idea of making people more comfortable with intimacy and their sexual selves. “I always looked at nudes, so when I stated studying photography, it was a natural for me to take nudes and boudoir photos. I even thought about a career taking photos with Playboy. I was also extremely interested in the sex and sex products industry. I applied for the position with Nice & Naughty shortly after graduating from college, and I knew I had found the ideal career path.”

Teagan has watched the adult industry experience positive, exponential change over the years, with pop culture and social and mainstream media featuring sex toys and conversations about sex helping to lead the charge. “Shows like Sex and the City and Broad City, along with the influx of influencers and celebrities associating their names and brands with toys, have gone a long way in making embracing your sexuality and everything that goes with it more acceptable and inclusive,” says Teagan.

“The current media landscape also has made people more comfortable in not only making more frequent online sex merchandise purchases, but also to make more in person store visits, where they ask questions about toys and how to use them, and express eagerness to experiment with new products. It also helps that toys don’t look as phallic anymore, and are designed for and marketed to customers of every taste and preference.” Teagan continues to say that Nice & Naughty is more than just another adult product retailer, “Nice & Naughty is a community. We are inclusive to all, and welcome and embrace customers of every lifestyle.”

What’s does Teagan think is next for Nice & Naughty? “Our mission is to continue to have the best product offerings available, including following and even leading industry trends, as well as promote sexual health, wellness, awareness and education, through our blogs, and via in-store and online interactions with our customers. I’m excited to see where our company and the entire industry goes over the next few years. It’s easy to achieve when you work for a company that is committed to growth for itself and the industry as a whole, and always puts our customers first.”